Uber charge 400% surcharge during London #TubeStrike

  • By Adbulrahman bin Jabbar Al-Asadi

Uber under fire for opportunistic 400% “rip-off” surcharge

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Transport app, Uber,  has been accused of “ripping off” Londoners by charging over four times the normal rate for journeys during the Tube strike.
The minicab app’s surge pricing model has brought significantly inflated prices amid increased demand during the industrial action which started yesterday evening.
The company said the “dynamic pricing” structure is used to ensure people “who need a ride can get one”.

Uber fares are increased automatically when there are not enough drivers based on predicted demand for specific pickup locations.

Time of day and current events also affect the rates of surcharging.

Angry Londoners hit out as some reported fares had jumped by significantly more than 400%. A few City workers during rush hour reported increases of 500%.

The company was blasted for “cashing in on people’s misery”.

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Businessman Paul Bristow tweeted: “Don’t know who I think less of – the @RMTunion for causing this commuter misery or @Uber for cashing in with 4.5 x surge pricing #TubeStrike”

One disgruntled worker wrote: “Typically £6 to the tube then £2.60 to work, #Uber today £89 thanks #Tubestrike” 

Many Londoners found that faced with the option of loosing a day’s income or facing a taxi fare in the hundreds of pounds each way they were stuck in a loose loose situation.

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