Netanyahu’s days could be numbered as Israel faces isolation

  • By Adam Goldberg

UN ruling against Israel, Netanyahu arrested & questioned over corruption and now international isolation

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2016 ended with difficulty for Netanyahu, on the 25th December 2015, the UN ruled in a land mark hearing that the occupation of Palestine was illegal.

A few days after this ruling (which the USA refused to vote in) Netanyahu was questioned by police for several hours over allegations of corruption.

2017 does not appear to be starting any better for the Israeli leader.

January 6th 2017, the self declared Israeli government announced that it had suspended $6m in funding to the United Nations (UN), a move described as “an act of protest” against the recent Security Council resolution condemning illegal occupation.

But is this just the opening salvo in what could be an unprecedented offensive stance against the international community at large?

“Judging by how things are being handled at the moment, anything or any idea is possible, “ said Israeli political journalist Tal Schneider. “Seeing the government’s responses to Resolution 2334, I thought, ‘Are we going to leave the UN?’.” she told Al Jazeera.

Amnesty international have condemned the hostilities from Netanyahu explaining that “NGOs and UN agencies should be free from harassment and intimidation” 

Or is this all just bluster and symbolism? The funding suspension is $6m from a total Israeli annual contribution of more than $40m. In reality $6 USD is such a small amount of money in the scale of the UN that neither the self proclaimed government of Israel nor the UN will notice it. This is more a symbolic toy thrown from a pram by a child who can’t get their own way.

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Following the election of Donald Trump in the USA Netanyahu is said to have “instructed the Foreign Ministry to complete within a month a re-evaluation of all our contacts with the United Nations.”

Israeli forces have also as part of their response to the UN ruling, increased the rate of home demolitions and forced evacuations in Palestine as well as arresting two NGO workers assisting in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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