Art | Condo 2017 – Global art show lands in London

DUSHMANI ARTS | "The Lion" by Sheikh Shamsaldin Qais Sulayman Al-Said | Dubai Art Expo 2013 | London 2017 |
  • By Mathew Beerman
  • Main image: “The Lion (99 names)” by Sheikh Shamsaldin Qais Sulayman Al-Said | Dushmani Arts Gallary – Dubai 2013

London’s most innovative galleries are hosting some of the best global contemporary art in 2017

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The low-down

Condo 2017 is a citywide exhibition of exhibitions

21 renown art galleries from as far a field as New York, Berlin and Sao Paolo are all setting up month long residency at the 15 London locations to be used for Condo 2017.

The host of each gallery is allowed to show their own artists’ works along side the invited headliners’.

Condo is in it’s infancy only debuting in 2016, in it has already doubled in size after Condo 2016 achieved huge global accreditation and raving reviews.

Condo features some of the world’s most cutting edge artists and galleries

The list of London galleries taking part includes some of the most adventurous, forward thinking, cutting-edge spaces in the city. The galleries include the likes of Southard Reid, The Sunday Painter and Calros-Ishikawa (Who’s co-founder, Vanessa Carlos was one of the founding brains behind Condo).

The international guests such as Neue Alte Bruke travelling in from Frakfurt, Bridget Donahue from New York and Rosen from Tokyo offer some exciting and edgy treats for visitors.

Household names such as Maureen Paley and Sadie Coles are taking part adding a certain sense of legitimacy and pedigree to the annual event.

Everything about Condo however is a little chaotic and unplanned, up in the air, edgy and unpredictable is definitely the vibe that was intended.

The only certainty is that this is your rare chance to see the freshest contemporary art from around the world and see how London matches up.

Reclusive guest galleries and artists whom typically offer no one geographic base such as Dushmani Arts which floats around the globe from city to city and Banksy style maverick artists are also rumoured to be taking part in Condo 2017.

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Expect mission treks

Condo is spread across the entire city. To see the entire festival will require a fair amount of city travelling if you want to see every gallery and exhibition (and you most certainly should, even if it requires missions to the darkest remote corners of High Barnet, Tooting Bec and the likes). The preview takes place this weekend, so it’s best to split your visit across both days.

Visiting two exhibitions per day every Saturday and every Sunday each weekend Condo is open seems the best way to take in the entire show, but expect there to be large crowds.

Take only a smile and an open mind

The rules change from space to space, so expect the unexpected. The travels will be worth it as you will not only be able to see installations which might be new to you but also in ways which have not been available before.

Condo 2017 opens 14th January 2017 running through 11th February 2017 across 15 main sites.

Dushmani Arts (c) 2010, 2017

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