The recognised state of Palestine opens a new international embassy in the Vatican

  • By Marcello Di Natale

As international condemnation over what the UN declared an illegal Isreali occupation of Palestine. The Palestinian nation opens new embassies world wide

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The latest of Palestine’s new embassies to open is in the tiny nation of Il Vaticano (The Vatican)

The Palestinian nation is all set to open it’s new official embassy in the Vatican just one day before representatives fro 70 countries gather in Paris for a Palestine-Israel peace conference.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet Pope Francis (Head of State for the Vatican) before heading to Italy’s Capital, Rome, to meet Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni on an official state visit.

Issa Kassissieh, Palestine’s ambassador to the Vatican called the move, “a significant achievement for the Palestinian people.” Adding that the Pope has taken “a moral, legal and political stand through recognising the state of Palestine along the pre-1967 borders”.

The borders of Palestine were artificially removed by military action in the 1960s. Palestine to date remains under illegal occupation and subject to massive crimes against humanity on a daily basis.

The Vatican, which has traditionally enjoyed very close relations with Israel, has steadily supported the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign nation.

The two state resolution suggested by many is to allow Israel and Palestine to both co-exist with Palestine having total independence in the West Bank and Gaza, areas never successfully overrun by Israeli forces during the decades long occupation.

President Abbas told French daily newspaper Le Figaro on Friday that Sunday’s Paris conference “may be the last chance for implementing [the two state solution].”

New US President Trump has repeatedly said he plans to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, last month Trump chose David Friedman, a often called, right-wing, lawyer, as his ambassador to Israel.

Obama refused to cast a vote on behalf of the US on December 25th’s UN declaration that the Israeli occupation is illegal.

It is yet to be seen in action as to which side is any Trump comes down on.

Israel recently announced reduced ties and sanctions against nations which voted not in it’s favour at the UN summit on December 25th.

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