Crime and Justice

Man in serious condition after slitting own throat in court

By Aminah Hafiz A man has slit his throat during sentencing at a UK Magistrates Court The International Press and Media Group is 100% independent and does not accept any funding from government bodies. We do this in order to maintain totally unbiased news coverage you can trust.  As such…

UK prisons some of the most crowded, dangerous and dirty in the world

By Heyami Alghatta Dangerous, Dirty, Over Crowded and Unacceptable The Dame Sally Coastes’ report currently under review by the British government backed up by six years of investigation by The International has shown the UK to have some of the most corrupt, dirty, overcrowded and dangerous prisons in the world….

Star Wars prosecuted for Harrison Ford injury

By Katie Nkrumah   Harrison Ford injury results in criminal charges against Star Wars   The production company behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens is being criminally prosecuted over the incident in which Harrison Ford broke his leg. Ford was struck in the leg by a hydraulic metal door on…