The race for a new leader | Conservative Party Conference

By Nasir Khan The Conservative Party Conference was not meant to be a platform for new leadership hopefuls to plug their own ambitions to the party members, but that it exactly what the conference came down to. Theresa May There was a substantial queue to get in, and many missed…

Theresa May and her fight against diversity

By Paul Watts UK Home Secretary’s new immigration plans slammed as racist and against equality and diversity   During the Conservative party conference in Manchester, which has been the focus of so many anti-government protests of late, May announced new proposed laws so far off the right of the scale…

Tensions escalate between Hungary and Croatia

By Thanos Halkias Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, despite being internationally condemned for violations of international law, for his country’s inhumane and violent treatment of refugees as well as for cross border attacks in Serbia has taken a very public podium to lay verbal assault against the Croatian government. Far right Mr….