Anti-Government student protests in London

By Marius Lydall   Police use violence in totalitarian crackdown against legal peaceful protests in Britain Tens if not hundreds of thousands of students from across the UK peacefully walked through central London on Wednesday complaining about the ever increasing costs of an education who’s quality becomes poorer every year….

Letters to the editors

Your letters, sent to our editors We always welcome readers’ letters here at The International and on a daily basis we receive stacks, mainly via email, from around the world. Photographs, stories, letters of support, invitations to events, questions about journalism, even keen eyed readers picking up on some of…

The rivival of the Leftists as Britain votes for Corbyn

By Katie Nkrumah “I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” the Queen told Alice By lunchtime on Saturday Corbyn would have made this seem like child’s play. The left wing stalwart and now leader of the Shadow Government, Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election. His first…