Is Corbyn the only one who hasn’t gone raving mad?

Main image – Getty Images By Basil Hashim   The deputy leader of the SNP has backed the new far-right power of the police to shoot-to-kill in the event of a terror attack. Although what constitutes a suspected, potential, terror attack is open to massive levels of abuse and misinterpretation….

Global Intifada | Standing against colonialism & oppression

By Haifa Habib It was the Palestinians uprising against Israel’s ethnic cleansing, encroachments on their rights, faith and lands, that coined the term Intifada. The first intifada 1987-1993 and the second 2000-2005. While many have now seen the premise of a third Intifada, this Palestinian resistance bears the features of…

Who’s fighting who in Syria?

By Viktor Larsen   Confused? The situation is far from straight forward, apologies if any arrows have been lost under others. A simplified look at who is supporting, fighting and condemning whom: The West USA is bombing the Syrian Government and Dawla rebles. They are condemning Russia, Lebanon and Iran…